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Jump Starter JS V30 (24000mAh) Wholesale Only

Capacity: 24000mAh(88.8Wh)
Weight:About 775g
Input:USB-C 15W(5V/3A)
Out Put:Quick charge(5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A);5V/2.4A; 15V/10A
USB-C 15W(5V/3A)
Start Current:600A
Peak Current:3000A
Operating Temperature:-20℃~60℃

Color: red
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Jump Starter
JS V30


Super High Capacity
Start Your Vehicles Immediately

iCarsoft Jump Starter JS V30 is a 3000 Peak Amp jumpstarting tool developed by iCarsoft Technology Inc., It's a convenient and practical device both for vehicles' jumpstarting and daily charging for electric appliance. It supports vehicles with 12V batteries on all gas engines and up to 7L diesel engines. The JS V30 is capable of bringing a battery back to life in only one second.
Strong Hardware
Operation Steps to jump start a car

Connect the clamp with the jump starter via the blue port

Connect Red Clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal,Black Clamp to the negative (-) battery terminal;starter via the blue port

Start the vehicle

Take the clamps off within 30 seconds after finishing starting

It can charge small household appliances
such as mobile phones
and tablets and provide lighting

LED lighting/Warning light

The endurance time
of LED light is 79
hours continuously

lifespan ≥1000 cycles

About 3-5 years Lithium battery, safe and

LED lighting/Warning light

10 Automatic

Reverse Polarity

Short Circuit



Over Temperature

Low Temperature

Over Discharge


Reverse Charges


Available in extreme weather

User Manual
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Carrying Case
Battery Clamps
Charge Adaptor
USB-C to USB-C Cable
USB to USB-C Cable

Model JS V10 JS V20 JS V30
Dimension 175x87x36mm 224x89.6x36mm 224x89.6x43.8mm
Peak Amps 1200A 2000A 3000A
Capacity (mAh) 10000mAh/37Wh 16000mAh/59.2Wh 24000mAh/88.8Wh
Start-uo Capacity 6.5L Gas4L Diesel 8L Gas6L Diese 9L Gas7L Diese
Input Type C:OC3.05V_3A/9V_2A Type C:Oc3.05V_3A/9V_2A Typec: PD45W:5V3A,9V3A,12V3A,5V3A
Output USB1: QC18W 5V/3A,
9V/2A,12V/1.5A:USB2: 5V/2A;
DC 10A Max 16.8V
USB1: QC18W 5V/3A, 9V/2A,12V/.5A:USB2: 5V/2A: DC:10A Max 16.8V Tvpec: PD45W: 5V3A.9V3A12V3A15V3A20V2.25A: USB1: OC18W 5V/3A,9V/2A, 12V/.5A:USB2:
Button on the Jump Starter Power Button*1 Power Button*1 5V/2A: DC: 10A Max 16.8V
Button on the Clamp BOOST1on the Clamp BOOST71on the Clamp Power Button*1BOOST*1
Length of Clamp Cable Positive: 250mmNegative: 200mm Positive: 250mmNegative: 200mm /
Protections Short Circuit Protection, Over CurrentProtection. Reverse Polarity ProtectionReverse charge Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Discharge Protection Short Circuit Protection, Over CurrentProtection, Reverse Polarity Protection.Reverse Charge Protection, Over TemperatureProtection, Over Discharge Protection Positive: 250mmNegative: 200mm Short Circuit Protection, Over CurrentProtection. Reverse Polarity Protection, ReverseCharge Protection, Over TemperatureProtection, Over Discharge Protection
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